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Rally Cross Race 2013

Monkey and Hubbie went to their first Rally Cross race last week! They had a blast watching the cars tear around the track, make big jumps, and spit dirt and gravel into the stands.

It was late when they decided to leave, so they didn't wait around to get pictures with the drivers, but Monkey snagged a piece of gravel for a souvenir!

It's been a rainy rainy summer

It has been a summer full of lots and lots of rain here. We have this amazing yard we've been dreaming about for years...and have spent waaay too much time indoors!
Thankfully, the boys are great at entertaining themselves. Whether it's pretending to breastfeed their toys, eat their toes, or run around on our driveway because our backyard has turned into a swamp, they've got their entertainment covered.
 Our 4th of July celebrations even got cancelled on us! We didn't realize that they were rescheduled until I got the kids to bed early on the following Saturday night and we heard the fireworks going off. We rushed outside to see if we could see them, but the beautiful trees that we ordinarily love so much in our neighborhood were annoyingly blocking the fireworks!
 I usually do let the kiddos play in the rain if they ask though, and there was one full week of nothing but rain rain rain, so they played in it a lot!

Another thing to be thankful for: little boys who know…

The "Biggest Rock in the World"

Our church went on a trip to Stone Mountain this summer, the kids were super excited, they got to ride on a bus for the first time (really brings The Big Green Pocketbook to life since we don't have buses where we live).

 Somehow Froggy managed to be carried the ENTIRE way up and down the mountain.

 See that post? It's covered in GUM! Why? I have no idea! It was a drizzly day and we could look at in different directions and see spots of rain in different parts of Atlanta, very cool.
 Yes, all three of our kids went up! Monkey and a group of his friends RAN THE ENTIRE WAY UP THE ROCK! No lie.

I ended up having to take my vibrims off climbing up the mountain because they were too slick on the bottom and I kept sliding, so I trekked barefootsies. Look at those beauties!

Ever since this trip, Monkey has been wanting to go back to "the biggest rock in the world". Ha! That kid, he's adorable! We're planning on making this a yearly summer exertion for our church&#…

Reptiles and Amphibians

Our caterpillar turned into a chrysalis before it got eaten by ants. Our next caterpillar escaped from our butterfly bin. We are having a hard time putting the butterfly garden I bought to use (espeially since the ants tore a hole in it).

Our tadpoles and lizard are doing great though!

Monkey has an Eastern Fence lizard named "Ziggy", she LOVES crickets! We all enjoy feeding live ones to her and watched her pounce on them.

We took some frog eggs home from the lake and have had fun observing them, we currently have 8 tadpoles.

6 months later...


"Not" Back to School Curriculum 2013-2014

2013-2014 Curriculum

I go into more detail about our curriculum choices on our accumulative curriculum page

These are the main things we will be using throughout the next school year. We also read TONS of books at the library for each unit study we do and use lots of different apps and internet resources to feed our curiosity.

Anything that the boys do together will be highlighted. I will be teaching my 5.5 year old a mixture of Kindergarten and First grade leveled materials, using preschool materials to keep my 2.5 year old entertained, and doing my best to keep my 6 month old occupied while we learn throughout the day!

 For our main curriculum, we will be finishing up Interlock and moving into Volume 1! All subjects are included except reading and math, we've really enjoyed the way it "weaves" all of our subjects into the bible lesson each unit is based upon.

Curious about what it covers? Check this page out to see what we've done in Interlock, and view this page