It's been a rainy rainy summer

 It has been a summer full of lots and lots of rain here. We have this amazing yard we've been dreaming about for years...and have spent waaay too much time indoors!
Thankfully, the boys are great at entertaining themselves. Whether it's pretending to breastfeed their toys, eat their toes, or run around on our driveway because our backyard has turned into a swamp, they've got their entertainment covered.

 Our 4th of July celebrations even got cancelled on us! We didn't realize that they were rescheduled until I got the kids to bed early on the following Saturday night and we heard the fireworks going off. We rushed outside to see if we could see them, but the beautiful trees that we ordinarily love so much in our neighborhood were annoyingly blocking the fireworks!
 I usually do let the kiddos play in the rain if they ask though, and there was one full week of nothing but rain rain rain, so they played in it a lot!

Another thing to be thankful for: little boys who know what they need to do after playing in the mud and rain!


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