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It's coming!

I'm so excited, I can barely contain myself!

And yet, at the same time, I'm wondering how I'm going to manage when I'm still feeling so bad.

But I'm not going to let myself think about that! I'm going to instead get excited about more of this

And a whole lot more of this

And this
 Hopefully not too much of this
Yes! Next week, we are starting back after having to take off the entire month of July and first couple weeks of August due to me being too sick to handle teaching. 

This is my first time using planning sheets, I only printed out enough for one week, to see how well these planning sheets work for me since I normally don't plan things out like this. But with the way my brain has been lately, a lovely soup of non responsive and out on vacation, I thought it would do well for us for me to actually write things down ahead of time.

It's probably a bit hard to tell from the photos, but the top two photos are for Before Five in a Row, we are doing a very …

A day in videos


Pins for everything!

I thought that since I use pinterest so much that I should have a post every so often where I share my pins with you!

So, this post is simply to share one pin from several of my pin boards. I think I'm trying to give a purpose to my pinning obsession.

DIY homeschool materials

DIY felt world map It looks a bit intimidating, I might just print mine out, laminate and hot glue sandpaper on the back to use on a felt board. Homeschool organization
Travel art supply box I love this idea for making art wherever you are!
Fine motor skills
Pool noodle sculptures Pool noodles are only $1 at the Dollar Tree. I love open ended play like this.
Name hopscotch What a fun way to learn their names!
Ecocolumn This is a brilliant way to learn about ecology.
Salt dough states I have no idea how we would store or display something like this, but I LOVE it!

Explore history with legos Could use peg dolls instead of mini figs.
Sight words

Sight word twister I love turning learning into…

I miss school!

I can't wait to get back into school time. I've been starting to feel a little better (with really bad days in between), but I'm hoping that soon we will be back into the swing of things. The classroom is currently not accessible since we are getting ready for a church consignment sale and have been using that room for separating all of our consignment items.

It's been killing me to not be able to have school time. It's only been the month of July, but it seems like it's been forever. I miss our daily rhythm, the way one activity seemed to flow into the next, all of the fun we had learning each day. Maybe I'm painting a pretty picture in my head, I know we had tough days, especially with Froggy's tantrums (which are thankfully down to nearly non existent with the majority of his teeth in), but I still miss those days.

I keep telling myself, "Next week we are going to start back," and next week comes and along with it pain or nausea. Ugh! I…

I have a theme problem

I LOVE units and themes, but I always seem to get distracted or just can't seem to pull it all together to make sense. The only successful theme we have had thus far was our Valentine's unit.

[these pictures were taken with my cell phone back when it was the only handy camera I had, I apologize in advance]

First day of August/good riddance July