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Letting Go

Ever feel like you’ve just kind of, you know, “been there, done that, got the shirt”? Some days, I really feel like this has been our motto for our homeschooling experience- and we’ve only be doing this for a short 6-ish years! You see, that’s what happens when you are wracked by self-doubt, Pinterest plan, and read WAY too many blogs and books of homeschooling before you even pop out kiddo #1. 
I have run our homeschool like a public school, over scheduled and over filled our days, relaxed and over relaxed, checked off lists, counted hours, and saved too much only to realize not only was it not necessary, but also not working. My problem? I wasn’t letting my curriculum work for me, I was working for it. I was failing to trust that I was doing a good enough job and tried to do too much.
Yes, I was one of those moms.
Yes, I spent way too much time planning “the perfect” school day. Pinterest used to threaten to give me thumb osteoarthritis with all of the scrolling for the best ideas …