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Review for Spelling City

I was asked to write a review for Spelling City. It came at a really busy time in our lives and I wasn't able to utilize it to its full potential, so this review is going to be my observations from the few times we used it over our review period. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pictures like I usually do, because our life was just too chaotic.

Since my oldest was a kindergarten student when we were asked to do this review, I used it differently from what it was intended. We aren't doing spelling right now, Monkey does pick things up from reading books and our writing assignments though. I used this website specifically to target the sight words we were learning. I made a list for each set and a review set with all of the ones we had covered. This alternate use for the website worked great for us and was a great tool for making sight word review fun without a ton of prep work on my part.

What I didn't like

 I wasn't a fan of the layout of the website. Web design…