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If you EVER find SquishyBaff cheap like we did at Aldi, BUY EET ALLS!!!

Your kids will thank you and you won't have to argue about bathtime!

It has comes with two packets: one for the bath water to turn it into the applesauce-y texture, and one packet to dissolve the polymer so it's safe to go down the drain.

We've actually had the kids try to let the water out while using squishybaff, and it was so thick it didn't even budge!

And don't worry, it is crazy easy to clean up  if they get it anywhere (the walls, floor, even carpet) and actually difficult for kids to make a mess with, so win win for all!

Human body unit

What would our bodies be like without bones? Hmm, a lot like jell-o jigglers made into gingerbread man shapes maybe?

We had a lot of fun with this unit, there is a LOT that I didn't take pictures of too! The books we read can be found on our human body unit pinterest board. We read ALL of those books plus ones we already own!

For the Read and Find Out Science Book on Germs, we put lotion and glitter "germs" on our hands to see how well we wash our hands and why we have to make sure we really scrub to get our hands properly clean.

We made a model of blood with what we had in our pantry (the green tea was our platelets!). Monkey really got a lot out of these lessons, he told a friend of ours who had a cut on his arm that his body's white blood cells were going to fight any infection and that the platelets were creating a barrier to help stop the bleeding and help new skin to grow.

We also did two digestive system experiments, I can't find the pictures, but it was …

God made man

For our "God made man" lesson from Weaver Interlock, I decided that we needed to make playdough people, and to make play dough people, we needed some playdough! Monkey LOVES making playdough (actually, he just enjoys any reason to tie on his apron and help out in the kitchen), this lesson was so much fun!
We practiced all sorts of different playdough techniques before making our people, and then I made some cloud dough just for fun.
Monkey REALLY enjoyed this messy art project from the weaver: making a man from dirt!

Looking back, I can't believe this was only a few weeks ago.

Looking forward, I can't BELIEVE that we only have eight lessons left of Interlock!

Swim days

We got to go swimming a grand total of three times this summer because of all of the rain. Three times! Monkey knows how to swim, but, because of not having the opportunity to do it often, he is often terrified of the water unless daddy is around. A friend of our invited us over on a particularly lovely morning in August and we had a blast! I even went down the twisty slide 3 times!

Today: cake balls and Spidey and Iron man in dipeys!

Sometimes you just have to roll with the random. Okay, so if you read my blog, you would assume "sometimes" happens a lot, and yes, yes it does.

Like, hey, I have the car today let's go to the pet shop to look at different animals...wait, what's this? A bakery? In my experience, bakeries = cake balls, and this bakery had a LOT of different flavors!

And later we had an impromptu lesson in cloth diapering when I left the cloth diapers in the boy's room before I finished folding them and Monkey decided to put diapers on Spiderman and Iron man. Ah, love these kiddos!

Wordless Wednesday


First and Second Days of August

These past two months kinda got the better of me time wise, so the first thing to give up has been blogging. I'm going to attempt to play catch me up with the [literally] hundreds of photos I've taken between then and now.

These pictures were taken for our "First Day" post for August. We went to the lake to get food for our tadpoles, fed turtles and catfish, played on the playground, fed ducks and geese, got our monthly bogo icecream from Baskin Robbins, went to pirate day at the library, and played at the park!