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Why do we homeschool?

Believe it or not, my hubbie and I had discussed homeschooling before we ever had children. We had become increasingly upset with how school systems were run when we were in school and how it's just become worse since then, that we felt it wasn't really an option for us but something we had to do. Not that I'm saying it's the teacher's faults, because there are some amazing teachers out there, in fact, most of the complaints I have heard have come from teachers and how they are being forced to teach in a way that isn't beneficial to their students. I've always enjoyed teaching so homeschooling has been something that just comes naturally and is something I really enjoy.

Instead of teaching to test, we teach to educate and have the chance to instill a love of learning.

Our children get custom fit educations, one on one student-teacher interaction, and many skills no longer taught in school.We don't have to test test test, with the exception of the one…


Here is a handy dandy place for you to find all of the printables I have up so far. I will add to this page as I add more printables to my blog.

As of 11/4/2013, I'm going to start redoing my printables! The 5B's and 5 T's are going to have a baseball card insert option, and I'm going to start scanning the hand drawn activities I make for my kiddos. Keeping in mind that I am a busy momma, these may not be released until December, just wanted to give the head's up!

The 5 B's of Morning

The 5 T's of Bedtime
Animal classification 

Fact flies

Our last few days of homeschooling...until the nausea abates

Some highlights of the last days I captured on camera before we went on vacation.

It's been a long road

Song in my head this morning, the WORST Star Trek theme of all time.

It has been a long time since I've written a post. We've had two trips visiting family, one at the end of May, and one at the end of June. After getting back from the trip in May, we discovered (surprise,surprise) we are pregnant again. After the trip in June, the (surprise,surprise) all day nausea started and has yet to let up. It's been wearisome. Truly wearisome.

Homeschool? Pssh! Not until after I feel better.

We've gone back to our old standard of a nice mixture of reading, Montessori activities, and unschooling. We are all missing all of the arts and crafts and games and outings, but I just can not handle it. There have been no trips to the library's summer program, no baking day, no bike rides to the park, no trips to our local Splash Town park. The kids have been insane without all of the fun stuff we normally do.

They are driving me crazy as well. I have a new understanding for parents wh…