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Goodnight Moon videos

Here are videos we watched once or twice to go along with our first Before Five in a Row book, Goodnight Moon.

There are five videos, you can watch them back to back, or use the skip button(the button with the right facing triangle with the horizontal line) to cycle through. Or, you can click on the playlist button (the button with the triangle inside the rectangle) to view the entire playlist.

The videos are:

Papa Please Get the Moon For Me story videoGoodnight Moon story videoGoodnight Moon songGoldilocks and the Three BearsThe Wiggles sing Hey Diddle DiddleRunaway Bunny and Goodnight Moon puppetry

A day in pictures


1st official/unofficial day of Kindergarten

We've been doing kindergarten work for awhile now, but today is our first day of using our kindergarten curriculum, Weaver Interlock, and our handwriting program, Handwriting Without Tears (that I'm borrowing, but definitely would love to own!).

Today was a fantastic day! I forgot to take a picture of our schedule board, so I'll have to post a picture of it later, but basically what I did was write down all of the activities for the day and every time we started an activity on the list, I wrote down the time we started and drew the hands on the clock next to the activity. You see, I detest scheduling, but this is a way to write down what I want to do with Monkey for the day and stick to it. Plus Monkey gets to see the time we do everything, he loves clocks!

The best way to learn is through play

I love having play days with the kids, it's a nice break from the house and a great time for learning. What better way to teach your children how to behave around and treat others than through playing?

But, of course, the most important part of play days are the wonderful memories you take with you!