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How We Do It: Thursday

Woke up this morning with a bad headache and loud kids. Recipe for success right there.
Thursday usually means kindermusik for us, but we had our last class last week and won’t go back until September.  Our Thursdays are usually really relaxed, we wake up whenever, eat breakfast, and head to the next county up for his kindermusik class at 1:15PM. Around 2:30PM, we picnic at the park,  go on a nature walk, sometimes go couponing at Target or Publix since we don’t have one where we live, then go home around 4 or 5 PM.
Having  a three year old that knows the days of the week and what we are supposed to do each day isn’t a good thing when their weekly plans change.
8AM- boys wake up but are being quiet in bed, I doze back off because my head hurts too bad to move.
8:30AM- The kids got up and are on the run,  time to start our day!

9ishAM- Monkey made some lego patterns. The pattern sheets are on the coffee table.
9:30AM- Monkey is settled down enough to sit and eat breakfast. Oatmeal bak…

How we do it: Wednesday

So, today is our first day of not having a busy Wednesday. Normally, we wake up around 8:40AM and are ready and out of the house by 9-9:15AM for my women’s bible study group. The boys play in the nursery until I come to get them at 11:30AM. We have a picnic in the park, then go home for Froggy’s naptime, usually around 1:30PM. After his naptime, I do light housework, let the kids play outside, then it’s turn for Froggy and Monkey to nap from 4PM-5PM. 6PM we leave to go to cubbies at church and I help out with the older youth. We’re home by 8PM and eat dinner, give the kids baths, and put them to bed by 9:30PM.  It’s spring break, so there’s no church tonight, and the women’s bible study group doesn’t meet again until September.  
Let’s see how our first day of not having anything to do goes.
8AM- The boys are awake, but laying down. I go back to sleep.
8:40AM- We all woke up, I was SO happy for the extra sleep! Maybe we can get back to 9:30AM soon! The boys play while I fold laundry …