How We Do It: Thursday

Woke up this morning with a bad headache and loud kids. Recipe for success right there.

Thursday usually means kindermusik for us, but we had our last class last week and won’t go back until September.  Our Thursdays are usually really relaxed, we wake up whenever, eat breakfast, and head to the next county up for his kindermusik class at 1:15PM. Around 2:30PM, we picnic at the park,  go on a nature walk, sometimes go couponing at Target or Publix since we don’t have one where we live, then go home around 4 or 5 PM.

Having  a three year old that knows the days of the week and what we are supposed to do each day isn’t a good thing when their weekly plans change.

8AM- boys wake up but are being quiet in bed, I doze back off because my head hurts too bad to move.

8:30AM- The kids got up and are on the run,  time to start our day!

9ishAM- Monkey made some lego patterns. The pattern sheets are on the coffee table.

9:30AM- Monkey is settled down enough to sit and eat breakfast. Oatmeal bakes are one of the few things he will sit down and quietly finish, I wonder why I don’t make them all of the time.

10AM- Froggy is already wanting to sleep. 

10:12AM- Playing “this little dragon”, “this little kitty”, “this little bunny” and coming up with outrageous stories on the fly for each one. Good times.

10:33AM- Boys are arguing. Froggy wants to be left alone, Monkey wants to play with him. 

12:08PM- Froggy was almost asleep, Monkey woke him up. Why do they do this to each other?

12:50PM- The boys are playing with instruments from our instrument basket.

1:20PM- Lunch. In case you haven’t noticed, today hasn’t been a very good day, I’ve been feeling worn out and had a bad headache this morning, the kids have been fighting a lot because Monkey wants to play with Froggy, but Froggy wants to be left alone. I’m just ready for Hubbie to come home so we can go for a long bike ride [which ended up not happening].

1:40PM- Froggy is wanting to take a nap now, not the best time since Monkey wants to have school time. 

1:49PM Froggy is asleep. On my lap. When I move, he wakes up. Monkey is done eating and is getting restless.  His workboxes aren’t ready yet, so I can’t tell him to go do those. Gotta find something for him while Froggy sleeps.

2:09PM- Monkey is quietly keeping himself busy. He may be a wild little boy, but he is capable of enjoying silence. A major blessing!

2:46PM- Monkey started jumping up and down on the couch, woke Froggy up, Froggy sat up, looked at Monkey, pushed him away and went back to sleep.

2:50PM- Both kids just had to pee at the same time. Monkey  had a slight accident, and of course, Froggy is in a diaper. It was so funny though, because Froggy sat straight up and looked down at his diaper all confused. Even though he had wet already, Froggy wanted to sit on the toilet for awhile, so cute!

 I’m so relieved Froggy is awake, Monkey wants to start school time so bad!

2:54PM- I’m going to let the boys run off some steam while I get a few things ready for our crafts today.

3PM- Calendar time and Daily board
L l crafts, he really enjoys arts and crafts, which is why we do so much of them, he saw me setting this up and wanted to do it right away.

 RRSK cut and paste activity started

Ll collage started. I made the cutting strips earlier today.

Yellow cut and paste activity colored with finger paint (he knows his colors, but I thought he would enjoy another finger painting activity, and his favorite color is yellow).  I love his method of painting, he really gets into it.

4PM- Monkey is too tired to do anything else right now, so I asked if he wanted to stop and he said yes and that he wanted to watch Kipper. Normally, I don’t let him watch anything until the weekend, during the week I don’t mind if he watches a little something at night time. I tried to get him to go outside, but I know he’s really tired so when he said no, I let it slide and set him up with a pillow and blanket on the couch to watch kipper. It’s a short video anyway.

4:40PM- Monkey wants dinner early, so he makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with cheese and cranberries on the side.

5:30PM- The boys are running around with swords. And hitting Hubbie and me with swords.

6PM- Monkey went to bed for the night, which means he’ll probably wake up in a couple of hours.

7ishPM- Played with Froggy.

Han had to inspect our vegetables.

8PM- Monkey woke up, came to me and went back to sleep. 

I’ve done no dishes or laundry today because I’m not feeling well. Hubbie did dishes, the laundry can wait until tomorrow to be washed.

Tomorrow needs to be a better day.


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