Summer library program

We had so much fun this year at the library! I didn't take pictures of everything, and there are a few things we missed out on, but we were able to do so much more this year versus last year! The theme this year was Fizz,Boom, Pop and was all about science and magic. There was also a folk singer, which the kids loved because it was a smaller group, and an African drum session, which Monkey didn't care for because it was a large group and large group of drums is apparently too loud for my auditory sensitive child.

We also did story time once a week during the summer, and for some reason, I can't find all of the pictures I took to show you how much fun it is! Every story time is theme based, and she does such an amazing job at incorporating everything into the theme. There are three story readings, songs with motions, rhythm songs with shakers, a craft, snack, and busy boxes at the end. It's great, because even though Monkey is on the older end for story time, he's …


For the 4th of July this year, we spent a couple days in Malabar Florida visiting my grandparents. It was great, there was a high-ish chance of rain every day but it only rained a little one day we were there, so we got to enjoy the beach and pool every day. Totally made up for the 7.5 hour trip taking over 9 hours both ways [kids!]

Wonderful trip! On the 4th, the neighbors were setting off fireworks on the beach. HUGE ones! And these really cool paper lanterns. You could also see the firework shows from the two bridges on either side of the pier. Papa bought small fireworks for the boys, they don't like big ones because they're too loud. On the last day, I went on to watch the sunrise and saw tons of fish jumping and dolphin chasing the fish. Great trip and wonderful visit with family!

Mother's Day photo shoot

Hubbie took the cowboys in the backyard to take photos for me for Mother's Day. Love these little boogers! They each have such a sweet personality, it's a joy staying at home with them and getting to know them more and more each day.

DIY Felt Board

 I finally made our fancy shmancy felt board! My original idea was to make one out of a HUGE picture frame, but I started wanting something that wouldn't take up wall space and that I could tuck away when not in use.

So, I took the felt I had purchased by the yard from Hobby Lobby at 40% off for a half yard each, and stapled it to a Dollar Tree tri-fold project board.

Like I said, fancy shmancy!

 Our first felt set Monkey painted to go along with Eric Carle's Mixed Up Chameleon. It's cardstock that I laminated with permanent adhesive paper and hot glued sand paper on the back to make it stick.

Our second set I made for Froggy's preschool when we were learning about Moses. I printed it onto cardstock, laminated with adhesive paper, and hot glued sand paper to the back.

I haven't made any more sets because I ran out of color ink. Always out of printer ink around here! I would really love to make some more that Monkey and Froggy can paint themselves, I think it reall…

Oh Little Bear


March Madness!


Froggy turns 3 [February catch up]

This little froggy has been my most difficult child.

He had colic for months; spent his second year of life crying and pitching fits at the drop of a hat; was so hard to potty train; is extremely stubborn; thinks he doesn't have to clean up the huge messes he makes...but, he cuddles the most; caresses my face and tells me how much he loves me; teaches me patience beyond what I thought I was capable of; LOVES school time; loves being near me and sharing every toddler detail of his life with me; turns everything into adorable song.

I adore this little stinker, and if I were to be honest, he is SO much like me that it's terrifying! I am so grateful for the past three years of being his mommy and look forward to many,many more years of loving him, teaching him, and leading him to Christ!