DIY Felt Board

 I finally made our fancy shmancy felt board! My original idea was to make one out of a HUGE picture frame, but I started wanting something that wouldn't take up wall space and that I could tuck away when not in use.

So, I took the felt I had purchased by the yard from Hobby Lobby at 40% off for a half yard each, and stapled it to a Dollar Tree tri-fold project board.

Like I said, fancy shmancy!

 Our first felt set Monkey painted to go along with Eric Carle's Mixed Up Chameleon. It's cardstock that I laminated with permanent adhesive paper and hot glued sand paper on the back to make it stick.

Our second set I made for Froggy's preschool when we were learning about Moses. I printed it onto cardstock, laminated with adhesive paper, and hot glued sand paper to the back.

I haven't made any more sets because I ran out of color ink. Always out of printer ink around here! I would really love to make some more that Monkey and Froggy can paint themselves, I think it really makes it special to them!


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