How we do it: Wednesday

So, today is our first day of not having a busy Wednesday. Normally, we wake up around 8:40AM and are ready and out of the house by 9-9:15AM for my women’s bible study group. The boys play in the nursery until I come to get them at 11:30AM. We have a picnic in the park, then go home for Froggy’s naptime, usually around 1:30PM. After his naptime, I do light housework, let the kids play outside, then it’s turn for Froggy and Monkey to nap from 4PM-5PM. 6PM we leave to go to cubbies at church and I help out with the older youth. We’re home by 8PM and eat dinner, give the kids baths, and put them to bed by 9:30PM.  It’s spring break, so there’s no church tonight, and the women’s bible study group doesn’t meet again until September.  

Let’s see how our first day of not having anything to do goes.

8AM- The boys are awake, but laying down. I go back to sleep.

8:40AM- We all woke up, I was SO happy for the extra sleep! Maybe we can get back to 9:30AM soon! The boys play while I fold laundry and start a new load of laundry.

9:10AM- Monkey helps me make breakfast, we baked a banana oatmeal bake based on Lynn’s pumpkin oatmeal bake (which will rock your socks off!). I wash dishes after we put the oatmeal bake in the oven, the boys commence to argue/play. Plargue. Arglay. Something like that.

10AM- Breakfast is ready. Monkey complains about it being hot, Froggy screams at me wanting to nurse, but won’t nurse and then proceeds to hit me. Oh yeah, good times.

10:16AM- Froggy is finally nursing, Monkey is on his second helping of oatmeal bake.

10:30- Monkey’s breakfast has been abandoned and he is playing with Froggy. They are being nice to each other! I also finished my review of Time4Learning.

10:50AM- Monkey is running around being superman and Froggy is running behind him wearing a Viking helmet.

11AM- Boys are fighting. Again.

11:16AM- Monkey has decided it’s time to dress up as Green Lantern.  Froggy is walking around pretending to play a keyboard . I was finally able to finish eating my breakfast.

12:06PM- Froggy has not taken his morning nap and is now getting angry. There is a reason why Monkey calls him Hulk. I’ve finished two loads of laundry, working on number three. Hand washed all dishes except a few from Hubbie and the casserole dish. 

12:21PM- Battle of the hugs. Monkey and Froggy were wanting hugs at the same time, and Froggy wasn’t wanting to share mommy.

12:40PM- lunch

1PM- Getting Monkey to clean up his legos that he dumped all over the floor. Took him three minutes to stop arguing with me and clean up. I told him we couldn’t have Calendar time until he cleaned up. He asked me to help, I told him that if I had to help him, we couldn’t do Calendar time.  

1:08PM to 2PM- He finished cleaning up the legos, we had Calendar time, Daily board,  RRSP, RRSK, and You Can Read!

Monkey was really not wanting to listen today, but that’s all right, I know he’s pushing through sleepiness, I was surprised he wanted to do anything at all. Since he wasn’t listening well, he started doing his own thing, but hey, it turned out just fine. I cut out the candle wick for him, he cut the rest.

Monkey tracing a hexagon from our pattern block set. He didn’t enjoy this yesterday or today. He traced his hand for awhile, colored the hexagons that he traced and was done. That’s okay though, I have something else planned for shape practice tomorrow. He also traced his hand, it was really cute, he kept lifting up his hand as he was tracing.

Monkey also did a graphing sheet from the RRSK. We used stickers to graph.

He decided to use one of his glitter glue sticks to trace the L on a cut and paste sheet, and color the discs that we are going to cut and glue tomorrow. He went crazy doing blobs of glue, so I let him finger paint it. I wish I had bought more of these glue sticks, they were $0.30 at the Target dollar spot for a pack of four and are probably gone by now. 

Han kept himself busy for awhile, but was really getting tired.

2:01PM- Explain to Monkey that he shouldn’t wear his cold weather vest and warm up pants in the house. He tells me he needs it to go play outside. I tell him he can’t go outside until he’s had quiet time. He chooses to wear his Ugandan clothing and tells me he wants to wear it to kindermusik tomorrow. He’s not going to be happy when he realizes we don’t have kindermusik again until September. 

2:03PM- Froggy is asleep, now to get Monkey to sleep. Whoa, our schedule today is frightfully normal. Are the kids finally over the craziness? 

2:14PM- Had to take away the yoyo Monkey was playing with because he started swinging it around with the string fully extended. Not the best yoyo trick. He’s currently resting on the coffee table. 

2:26PM- Monkey is pretending that the coffee table is a boat and the plank and necklace are a fishing pole.

2:37PM- Monkey is drawing on the plank with a crayon. A monster on top, robot beneath.

3:22PM- Made some robot calendar cards for the month of May.  Time for Monkey’s quiet time.

3:32PM- Quiet time is a success!

4:29PM- Monkey just woke up, threw his blanket and pillows onto the floor, started yelling at me and crying because he had a little accident.

5PM- Got him calmed down. Made a gooey snack (graham crackers broken, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, microwaved for a couple of seconds). 

Did some silly finger plays like “this little piggy”, “this little robot”, and “this little dragon”.

5:33PM-Playing with playdough.

6PM- The boys spontaneously decide to chase each other around the house. I start another load of laundry.

6:10PM-I need to wash dishes. But as I’m putting the dry dishes away, I decide to reorganize my baking drawer. When I reorganize my baking drawer, I find a slotted spatula. The slotted spatula reminds me that Monkey was wanting to do the sifting activity from his Choose It board. I dye some rice and leave it outside to dry. My hands are now stained blue and green. The colors remind me that the ice cubes are ready for the color activity from the Choose It board, so I set up the activity and let Monkey loose. Afterwards, I gave him paintbrushes and some paper and let him paint with it. 

7:30PM- Dinner!

8ishPM-  Rice sifting activity from the You Choose It board.

9PM- Riding on the trainer with daddy.

 9:30PM- Did the 5 T's of bedtime, put Monkey to bed. Tried to put Froggy to bed. Failed.

10:30PM-  Bedtime fail. Monkey came to sleep on the couch. Okay, not a total fail. He generally prefers sleeping on the couch first because he's close to us. Hubbie got Froggy to sleep, both are asleep on the couch. Half win? I'll take a half win.

10:40PM- Hand washed dishes.

11PM- Working on this post and watching Psych. What a long day!

In case anyone is curious how I’m writing these posts, I leave the computer on with the document I’m typing in open so whenever something happens, I can just type it in. I thought about using a notepad, but then I would have to write it down and type it out, and that seemed like a waste of paper.  I take pictures of whatever I can throughout the day. At night, when the kids are asleep, I transfer this document over to a blog post, upload pictures via blogger and fotoflexer (which I didn't use tonight because I'm aggravated with the collages being cut off when I post them on blogger), add links to the post, and upload.


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