1st official/unofficial day of Kindergarten

We've been doing kindergarten work for awhile now, but today is our first day of using our kindergarten curriculum, Weaver Interlock, and our handwriting program, Handwriting Without Tears (that I'm borrowing, but definitely would love to own!).

Today was a fantastic day! I forgot to take a picture of our schedule board, so I'll have to post a picture of it later, but basically what I did was write down all of the activities for the day and every time we started an activity on the list, I wrote down the time we started and drew the hands on the clock next to the activity. You see, I detest scheduling, but this is a way to write down what I want to do with Monkey for the day and stick to it. Plus Monkey gets to see the time we do everything, he loves clocks!

Our weather calendar from That Resource Site

I've changed our calendar board, there are now pieces of velcro at the top right of each square for me to stick this frame around the current day.

Monkey knows his shapes, but these shape poems are fun

God's gift to us from the Weaver Interlock lesson today

We reviewed land masses, oceans, where we live, and when I asked what the globe represents, he answered "God made earth for us"

Daily drawing, today of a hippo

Shape collage picture of Daddy and Froggy

Making Mat Mat by listening to the mat man rock song from Handwriting Without Tears.

H for hippo from 1+1+1=1

Rightstart math, we did addition, subtraction, and quantities without counting.

felt board fun before BFIAR Goodnight Moon

I wasn't able to take his first day picture today because it was rainy all day and I wanted an outdoor picture, so it will have to wait. But, here are his first day of school questions.

My name is: [he said his name, but I'll leave that out]
I am 4 years old.
The yummiest food to eat is: pizza
My favorite show to watch are: Wonder Pets and Blue's Clues
I love when I get to read: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The best thing about school is: Calendar time
The worst thing about school is: no school bus
The coolest person on earth is: mommy [any other day he would say daddy]
I am super good at: painting
My favorite color is: yellow
The best place in the world is: the park
When I grow up I want to be: Green Lantern [he normally says fire fighter and do bike races]
If I could do one thing all day it would be: pirates
I do not like: peanut butter [even though he eats it almost every day]
My best friend is: baby
Three words that tell about me: nice, pirate, bike
This year I hope to learn: how to read
Jesus is: God
My favorite thing to play with is: tea set


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