Why do we homeschool?

Believe it or not, my hubbie and I had discussed homeschooling before we ever had children. We had become increasingly upset with how school systems were run when we were in school and how it's just become worse since then, that we felt it wasn't really an option for us but something we had to do. Not that I'm saying it's the teacher's faults, because there are some amazing teachers out there, in fact, most of the complaints I have heard have come from teachers and how they are being forced to teach in a way that isn't beneficial to their students. I've always enjoyed teaching so homeschooling has been something that just comes naturally and is something I really enjoy.

Instead of teaching to test, we teach to educate and have the chance to instill a love of learning.

Our children get custom fit educations, one on one student-teacher interaction, and many skills no longer taught in school. We don't have to test test test, with the exception of the ones required by our state. The kids don't have to worry about homework, which is ridiculous especially for elementary aged children anyway in my opinion, they just need to be kids while they are kids. 

There's a real joy found in everyday learning that comes from just doing life together

Overlooked learning experiences such as cooking a meal together or even doing housework are vital to a child's education, these skills are important for their adult life. School isn't confined to a room or even a building, but instead is wherever we happen to be on a particular day.

I have more time with my children, more opportunities for real world training, and the freedom to focus on whatever my kids want to really learn about. 

There are no concerns over classes getting cut in homeschool, so subjects like art and foreign language are still feasible. No need to be concerned over socialization, your child can develop human interaction skills just like anything else- through watching how we interact with others, and experiencing how we interact with them. 

 Homeschooling is a blessing and a privilege

I love seeing our kids develop a close knit relationship and how the youngest learn naturally just from playing with the older sibling. 

Our children are our responsibility, education included. If homeschool isn't an option, active parenting and mentoring still are. 


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