It's been a long road

Song in my head this morning, the WORST Star Trek theme of all time.

It has been a long time since I've written a post. We've had two trips visiting family, one at the end of May, and one at the end of June. After getting back from the trip in May, we discovered (surprise,surprise) we are pregnant again. After the trip in June, the (surprise,surprise) all day nausea started and has yet to let up. It's been wearisome. Truly wearisome.

Homeschool? Pssh! Not until after I feel better.

We've gone back to our old standard of a nice mixture of reading, Montessori activities, and unschooling. We are all missing all of the arts and crafts and games and outings, but I just can not handle it. There have been no trips to the library's summer program, no baking day, no bike rides to the park, no trips to our local Splash Town park. The kids have been insane without all of the fun stuff we normally do.

They are driving me crazy as well. I have a new understanding for parents who don't homeschool and why they are so anxious for their children to go to school. Kids need routine, and if you don't do things with them throughout the week, they are just plain crazy.

Soon, please soon, I need to get over this horrible nausea very very soon. Before the kids destroy the house. Before my husband looses his mind having to do all of the cooking and cleaning and taking care of all of us. Before I loose my mind with having to take it easy. I'm not saying I'm a structure list checking queen of the household, quite the contrary actually, but I'm loosing my mind with my inability to help out around the house and do the things I normally do.

That's it, that's why I haven't written anything, because really, nothing has been going on outside of crazy kids and nausea, nothing worth writing about beyond this post.

7.5 weeks


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