Human body unit

 What would our bodies be like without bones? Hmm, a lot like jell-o jigglers made into gingerbread man shapes maybe?

We had a lot of fun with this unit, there is a LOT that I didn't take pictures of too! The books we read can be found on our human body unit pinterest board. We read ALL of those books plus ones we already own!

For the Read and Find Out Science Book on Germs, we put lotion and glitter "germs" on our hands to see how well we wash our hands and why we have to make sure we really scrub to get our hands properly clean.

We made a model of blood with what we had in our pantry (the green tea was our platelets!). Monkey really got a lot out of these lessons, he told a friend of ours who had a cut on his arm that his body's white blood cells were going to fight any infection and that the platelets were creating a barrier to help stop the bleeding and help new skin to grow.

We also did two digestive system experiments, I can't find the pictures, but it was a bag with water and crackers to show what the stomach does and a lemon juice and milk experiment. The lemon juice experiment was lemon juice in two jars, to one jar you add water, and the other you add milk, you observe it over the course of a day, eventually the acid from the lemon juice breaks up the milk.

 This sponge and water lesson was from our Weaver Interlock curriculum, it was used to illustrate our lungs breathing in air and circulating it throughout our body. Seems a weird way to demonstrate this, but a few days later, he grabbed one of our anatomy books and showed me how our body takes in air into our lungs and from our lungs circulates throughout our body via the blood vessels.

I LOVE me some messy art and was really excited to do this art project of using our bodies to paint with, definitely an outdoor-only art project!

 Learning about our teeth was a fun week of activities, Monkey loved the Sam Science books for our human body unit, and there just happened to be one on teeth so we used that to kick start our learning.

We skip counted by 2s for how many teeth Monkey has, made a play dough mouth, and practiced brushing teeth on the model.
Then we had toothpaste art! I mixed toothpaste with white paint and the boys had to make the dirty tooth clean!

This unit was tons of fun, we'll be going over the human body in even more depth throughout our time with the Weaver curriculum, so you'll be seeing more fun human body units in the future!


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