Review for Spelling City

I was asked to write a review for Spelling City. It came at a really busy time in our lives and I wasn't able to utilize it to its full potential, so this review is going to be my observations from the few times we used it over our review period. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pictures like I usually do, because our life was just too chaotic.

Since my oldest was a kindergarten student when we were asked to do this review, I used it differently from what it was intended. We aren't doing spelling right now, Monkey does pick things up from reading books and our writing assignments though. I used this website specifically to target the sight words we were learning. I made a list for each set and a review set with all of the ones we had covered. This alternate use for the website worked great for us and was a great tool for making sight word review fun without a ton of prep work on my part.

What I didn't like

 I wasn't a fan of the layout of the website. Web design was one of my majors in college, and when I encounter a website that's overloaded with information, I immediately cringe. There's nothing wrong with having a lot of content, but the way it's presented needs to be clean, clear and easy to use.

What I liked

A comparison of the games offered for free with a premium membership.

Multiple spelling lists, free section for games, printables for handwriting and spelling practice, and the way it recorded student progress. Being able to schedule students was also a neat addition but not something I used since my son was a kindergartener when we were using this website.

Don't let the name SpellingCity fool you, this doesn't have to be used solely for spelling activities! The words on your list can be words your students need to review like sight words, or reading words for the week!

They offer a low yearly subscription and even have apps available for apple and android, and this is something we use a lot more than the website (mainly because we don't have a child sized mouse, only a laptop touch pad that frustrates my oldest with certain activities).

I also think an area that could have been improved would have been the use of the keyboard more for games versus the mouse for those of us with laptops. I wasn't able to test the app, but we are an app friendly family here, especially with educational apps, so I would definitely try it out and have your kiddo use a tablet pen to help with pencil grip while you're at it!

This would definitely be something to check out if you have a child from ages 7+.

All opinions expressed in this review are my own, I was given a full membership for review purposes.


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