Pins for everything!

I thought that since I use pinterest so much that I should have a post every so often where I share my pins with you!

So, this post is simply to share one pin from several of my pin boards. I think I'm trying to give a purpose to my pinning obsession.

DIY homeschool materials

It looks a bit intimidating, I might just print mine out, laminate and hot glue sandpaper on the back to use on a felt board.

I love this idea for making art wherever you are!

Pool noodles are only $1 at the Dollar Tree. I love open ended play like this.

What a fun way to learn their names!

This is a brilliant way to learn about ecology.

I have no idea how we would store or display something like this, but I LOVE it!

Could use peg dolls instead of mini figs.

I love turning learning into a game, it's great to see kids having fun while they learn.

 A great way to recreate an old game to turn it into a fun learning game. I'm sure this could be done with other game boards, or a printed game board.

That's it for now!


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