The "Biggest Rock in the World"

 Our church went on a trip to Stone Mountain this summer, the kids were super excited, they got to ride on a bus for the first time (really brings The Big Green Pocketbook to life since we don't have buses where we live).

 Somehow Froggy managed to be carried the ENTIRE way up and down the mountain.

 See that post? It's covered in GUM! Why? I have no idea! It was a drizzly day and we could look at in different directions and see spots of rain in different parts of Atlanta, very cool.
 Yes, all three of our kids went up! Monkey and a group of his friends RAN THE ENTIRE WAY UP THE ROCK! No lie.

I ended up having to take my vibrims off climbing up the mountain because they were too slick on the bottom and I kept sliding, so I trekked barefootsies. Look at those beauties!

Ever since this trip, Monkey has been wanting to go back to "the biggest rock in the world". Ha! That kid, he's adorable! We're planning on making this a yearly summer exertion for our church's home groups, can't wait to see how grimey my feet get next year!


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