Froggy turns 3 [February catch up]

This little froggy has been my most difficult child.

He had colic for months; spent his second year of life crying and pitching fits at the drop of a hat; was so hard to potty train; is extremely stubborn; thinks he doesn't have to clean up the huge messes he makes...but, he cuddles the most; caresses my face and tells me how much he loves me; teaches me patience beyond what I thought I was capable of; LOVES school time; loves being near me and sharing every toddler detail of his life with me; turns everything into adorable song.

I adore this little stinker, and if I were to be honest, he is SO much like me that it's terrifying! I am so grateful for the past three years of being his mommy and look forward to many,many more years of loving him, teaching him, and leading him to Christ!


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