A Hands On Christmas!

I thought I had everything planned out when it came to our Christmas school.

I had everything pinned, printed, and was in the middle of prepping each day's activities when it hit me: All throughout the year, we have been prepping for this month of learning, for this time set aside to really delve deep into the birth of Christ. All year, we have been using the Jesus Storybook Bible for our Jesus connection, seeing how every bit of bible history points to our Savior.

This realization hit me hard, I was trying to plan out an intentional three week study, trying to make it fun and engaging...and I was putting WAY too much thought into it! What my son really needed most, was simply Jesus.

So, previous plans scrapped, I went back to the basics.

25 paper bags labeled by day, filled with all supplies needed.

The Jesus Storybook Bible.

That's it! We started before we traveled 14 hours to visit family out west and kept on going once we got there. Here and there, we doubled up, never pushing having to do each lesson each day just because that was the plan (really, who follows plans to a T?).

 Each day was simply reading a story from the JSB, then making a craft to help him remember the story read. Simple and straight to the point, full of Jesus- a wonderful way to get into the Word!

Printable crafts were obtained through Aunties bible lessons and Crafting the Word of God.

We also had watercolor painted a cone nativity, and every day I moved Mary and Joseph. One Christmas, I placed a barn under the kitchen table with a touch light, turned off all of the lights in the house and asked Monkey to find out where Mary and Joseph were. He was SO excited to find Jesus with Mary and Joseph and told me about how they had to travel to Bethlehem. It's amazing how something so simple helped to cement in his mind the story of the birth of Christ!


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