Birthdays are special to me, and not just my own, and not just because there's usually cake involved.

No, birthdays are extra special grateful days. Grateful for the gift of life itself and all of the blessings that come with it.

Grateful for little little babies eating lemons and making funny faces.

Grateful for mustached Hubbie, funky tights to wear, Hubbie to lean on, and funny pig snout shaped cabbage.
Grateful for two crazy parents who never stop laughing.
Grateful for time spent as a family, and yes, grateful for blowing out a candle on a large slice of chocolate cake!
Grateful that I'm a mommy to three wonderful boys, especially when they are goofy and eat an entire package of butter at the restaurant

Grateful for a friend inviting my grumpy Monkey over for a play date with her son all day after he made me cry all morning. Grateful to have him as a son, even when he makes me cry.

Grateful for all of these moments I've been blessed with, every day. The good ones, and the bad ones, they are all a blur in my mind, but I'm so grateful to have each and every one of them.


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