Weaver Volume 1 Unit 1 Chapter 1 and part of 2!

 Another lovely week using Weaver! We talked about how our lives need to be built on the rock of Jesus, read Luke 14:27-35 and used paper houses on dirt and rock as our illustration.

Also read Matt. 5:14 and used a candle hidden in a room as an illustration.
 We built towers for Luke 14:27-35 and talked about the foolish builder who wasn't able to complete his tower. We discussed how we need to live all for Jesus, and not partially.
 Monkey has been enjoying making books to read. I've been printing out black and white easy readers for him to color, cut, staple, and read- he LOVES this! At the end of the week, he reads them to daddy!

Part of this unit was reviewing rocks, we have a growing rock collection, but decided to add to it, going on rock hunts wherever we go. We read our favorite science readers about rocks and observed our own rock collection. We also reviewed the rock cycle.
 Hubbie took the kids and surprised me with MUSTACHES! I've been wanting to draw a little mustache on Froggy every time he falls asleep for a picture, but this was a much better option.

To take those pictures I had to say "no no no put it back on just for a sec so I can take a picture! okay that didn't come out good, you blinked, just one more. Aw, you moved now it's blurry, just a couple more, 'kay?". Hence the staged pictures and fake are-we-done-yet smiles.
 Aw, no matter how crazy things get, which had been pretty nuts lately, I LOVE homeschooling. Even when I'm researching private schools to send them to, honestly, I'd never go through with it. It's frustrating, it's hard- but, I find that when I just let things go at their own pace, take more breaks in between each workbox or lesson, things run smoother. Sure, the school day as a whole takes longer, but if it helps with everyone (including me!) not getting grumpy, then we'll continue like this as long as we need to!


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