Day in the Life: Oktober

It has been a long time since I've done one of my "day in the life" posts, so I thought I would take a TON of pictures and instead of doing the timeline thing like I used to do, just tell you about what we did.

This is all from October 22, one of the first days that I started using play breaks in between each work box or activity that we do during the day instead of play breaks in between every three work boxes. It has worked SO much better!

All right, on to the day!

We didn't do our calendar notebook or Raising Rock Star Verses this day and instead jumped to work box two which is All About Reading level 1. I had some worksheets that went along with our review, so instead of using flash cards we did a cut and paste activity.

We're reading through the Bob Books and using the printable packs to go along with those. We practiced our -At family words, read some books, then had a play break!

Monkey wanted to make a map with lots of treasure hidden, I LOVE the way he tells a story as he draws. All of those scribbles have an intense adventure behind them!

Our next work box is for You Can Read, I wrote some sight words on a color by number page and Monkey had to tell me each word before he could color it. He also had a worksheet to do for review. Then I gave Monkey a graph to do, we turned it into a two player co-operative game. Monkey and Froggy took turns rolling our education cube and if Monkey could read the word, he could place that color of token on the graph. We played until we filled the graph.

The boys played outside during the next play break, no pictures of that for some reason [slack].

We came back and did our Weaver lesson and made a card for his Aunt. This was back when we were finishing up Interlock. I also used this as a chance to tie in his writing practice for the day and had his copy a sentence I wrote out for him.

We had made these pumpkin crafts at the library, the kids played with them during a play break.

The ten commandment crafts are from our Jesus Storybook Bible lesson that I taught the past Sunday at church. Our Weaver lesson for this day was about Enoch. I had the boys color while I read the bible and lesson to them.

For our trip around the world, we visited Africa. We used Jan Brett's book 3 Little Dassies, sung the continent song, found the country the story was from on our globe and saw how far it was from our home. After a play break, we played around with Google Earth, and watched a video about the animals from the story, a travel video and some music from the region.

We played a game called "spill the beans" using double sided tokens I rented from the teacher supply center. The winner was the first to reach twenty, we used our tally sticks to mark our progress.

Froggy was playing with some magnets and wanted a picture, geez he's such a cutie! Don't trust Little Bear's smile, he has been into EVERYTHING, definitely makes things interesting during the school day!

Ever since the cyclocross race this year, the boys have been riding their bikes for at least an hour a day (most of the time much longer!).

I pulled out a Crayola pirate dry erase book and Kumon maze book (using a dry erase sleeve for each maze we do) for some fine motor practice before jumping into practicing four letters with Handwriting Without Tears.

 Little Bear fell asleep in the hallway while we were having school! He's all played out!

We've gone back to Rightstart Math A, we're almost halfway through! My plan is to finish up Rightstart before going back to Math U See Alpha.

I wanted to include this to show some different ways we use worksheets. The left is a workbook page where you're supposed to circle the sum, we used cuisenaire rods. The middle is one of our sight word review sheets, in the middle of the sheet is a "find the word" that he doesn't like, so he started treating it like a maze, connecting each word with a line. On the right is from one of the Bob printable packs, we use a mixture of tiles, magnets, and bottlecap letters.

After our school day, we went to the fall festival at the college where Hubbie works. I didn't have the kid's Halloween costumes ready, so I dressed them up in play clothes. Monkey was a cowboy, Froggy was a pirate, and Little Bear was a cute baby :]

The camera was getting low on batteries by this point, so I wasn't able to get a picture of both pairs of lungs, but they had this cool display that showed lungs and how they work before and after smoking.

SORELY disappointed that they didn't have a game club when I was in college!

Poor Little Bear missed out on all of the fun, maybe next year little guy!

So there ya have it, a day in the life with my three little cowboys! Or, a cowboy, a pirate, and a cute baby!


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