Date your spouse day!

We try to date at least once a week. Even if it's going to the grocery store without kids, or a friend's birthday party without kids. The point is, adult time, adult conversations, and sans kids!

We do have Little Bear with us most of the time, but he doesn't really require the same amount of please-sit-still-and-let-mommy-and-daddy-have-a-conversation that the older two have.

Point is, I think it's important to have time alone with your spouse, regardless of if you have kids or not. Getting out, dressing up (I normally don't wear makeup!) and dating your spouse just like you did before you were married in vital for a healthy relationship. Never stop trying to impress your spouse, don't become complacent, put in that extra effort! It's amazing how much better our relationship is when we get to date, talk, and be ourselves instead of solely "mommy and daddy" (I LOVE being mommy, but I do need to be a wife too!).

Right now, it has been a couple of weeks since we've dated, and tonight is the night!


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