Our new house has a creek that runs behind and to one side. Mosquitos are an unfortunate effect of this aspect of our new residence and because of them, we spent many dear summer days avoiding the great outdoors once our bug repellant ran out [at least at our own house, we did venture out elsewhere often]. Now, with cooler temperatures finally putting a dent in their insanely dense population, we have been spending many a day with the door wide open, children coming and going as they please, the fresh air infused with wonderful undertones of decaying plant matter filling our home [don't judge, you know you enjoy the smell too, and that is the cause of that wonderful aroma].

I love this time of year. In the morning I'm first awakened by squirrels jumping on the roof, and sweet gum seeds falling from the trees. I enjoy watching the leaves fall as I sit at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and trying to mute the sounds of yelling children. Afternoons are spent listening to the sound of Monkey and Froggy riding their bicycles up and down the driveway, I've become fond of the obnoxious squeaks of Froggy's tricycle, making their own melody along with the occasional high pitched temper tantrums. In the evening, we cuddle up on the couch, no longer avoiding the extra heat from close proximity, but instead embracing it to keep warm as the chill sets in.

Children crunching leaves underfoot.
Chill in the air.
Silly squirrels burying nuts that they'll forget.
Baby Bear trying to eat every leaf that falls from a tree.

 There are truly some lessons to be learned from having children. For instance, in order to fully appreciate something, one must not only look and touch, but taste as well. I often wonder what I am missing out on when I forgo the later.


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