End of another school week! It was so beautiful today and the mosquitos weren't bad so we had school outside today in between playtime. We've been using the ABC Find It sheets to play games for phonic practice, today we used sweet gum tree balls to cover them as he found each one from the clue card.

Shaving cream for cleaning and writing practice was a GREAT idea... until I left the room to clean up and found shaving cream all over their bodies and our air purifier, whoops!

Our local teacher and parent resource center has a TON of great shoebox workboxes available for rent, the first one I rented has two colored wooden balls attached to a short dowel rod, you have to push it through half way into the hole in the middle so you can slide it to one of the sides, Froggy really enjoys this!

We use the Raising Rock Stars for phonics reinforcement, we're going through the alphabet a final time before starting the next level of a reading curriculum. We use this kindergarten sheet for handwriting practice, phonics practice for not only the letter we're reviewing, but phonemes of every object on the sheet. He circles the correct phoneme, Xs out the incorrect ones, writes what the phoneme is for each of the others.

We're currently learning about day 5 of creation, we did birds last week and are still doing some activities in a mini unit but for the next few weeks, focusing in our main unit on water creatures. The Blue Planet has been a great supplement to the many great books.

 Monkey worked diligently today on constructing "Roly Poly America", I recorded a video that apparently got lost in the upload, so sad, it was adowable.

Didn't get pictures of everything, but we're brushing up on skip counting by 2s with these frog on a log cards, skip counting by 5s and 10s with foam hands. We started Math U See Alpha (we're going to use Primer just for skip counting and reinforce telling time), he's enjoying it! We don't have the manipulatives unfortunately, so I borrowed a classroom set of unifix cubes from the teacher resource library and we're just going to use those (unless I find some crazy cheap deal on the MUS blocks!).

 I LOVE the school days when we can just be outside the entire time! We read a bunch of great books outside and finished up activities for our letter I verse from RRSP before going inside to watch Blue Planet episodes about the Coral Reef and Open Ocean. I started the Blue Planet series earlier this week with the Deep Ocean episode, it was a big hit with Monkey, he was so mind blown! He's learned new vocabulary like "byo wuminescence" [bio luminescence] and what it means, what it's used for. He was sketching on a magna doodle as he watched it, and I really should have taken pictures because they were really good pictures he was drawing!

 Really should have taken more pictures of what we did, but it's just so easy to get lost in the moment and completely forget about taking pictures!

Here's the only video that made the upload, I live with with "Colors of the Rainbow" from Kindermusik (Monkey's special rock star version).

*by the way, I've no idea why some of my transparent backgrounds uploaded black, but oh wells


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