Space unit

The solar system was all Monkey's idea from reading a space book his Gramma sent to him.
Monkey drew the solar system for art one day (it's next to the color wheel on the bulletin board).
During snack time one day, he decided to make moon phases with his cookies.
We used an orange with a pencil in it and a flashlight to illustrate the moon phases, got the idea from this read-and-find-out science book.

 Froggy enjoyed playing with our "moon dust". It was just flour, nothin' special.
The boys made constellations with star stickers on solar reactant paper, I then had then transfer the stars to construction paper to make a second constellation.

Monkey loved using his favorite space book and these planets for teaching himself the order of the planets. I caught him doing this whenever I came back into the room from cleaning or nursing Little Bear.

Monkey played with our "asteroids" for a loooong time!

And everything else! I had more planned, but the middle of his next school year we'll be doing another space unit, so I saved stuff for that. We made a paper plate moon phase book, more constellations with colored stickers (and discussed various temperatures of stars in relation to their colors), did some work boxes, watched space videos on you tube, and read a TON of books (I can't even remember them all, it was way more than fifty!).


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