School days

PJs and costumes, this is how we do it! I've been adding activities for Froggy to do when he wants to participate in Monkey's school time. We rowed The Big Green Pocketbook from Before Five in a Row together, it was sweet watching both boys do school work together!

 Little Bear amuses himself well while we have school time, I'm so grateful for that!

Monkey has suddenly blossomed with reading, math, and handwriting. It's like he just woke up one morning and all the circuits connected! I've been giving him plenty of opportunities to sound out words, write and have been using a mixture of three math curriculum getting him ready for Math U See that we'll be starting as soon as it arrives.

I've changed what I've been doing with Froggy for tot school. I started off using the same curriculum I used with Azzy when he was 2...and he hated it. He literally screamed when I tried to read to him because he didn't want anything to do with the books I picked out. I explain in more detail on our curriculum page what I'm using now. Basically, lots of dinosaurs to color, cut and paste sheets and STICKERS! At least Monkey enjoyed the books.

There's one thing I can say about Froggy, he's efficient with his toilet time! Potty training him has been something else. We did the one day training and he was great about doing both on the potty. Then day two came and he used the potty less, day three he went through a lot of underwear. It's been two weeks since we started and he hardly ever uses the toilet. He's starting to not enjoy being wet or having accidents though, so hopefully something will click soon. I need his cloth diapers for chunky Little Bear now!

Ahh nap time, easily the best part of the day because it's quiet. Good quiet, not the oh-no-what're-they-gettin'-into-now kinda quiet.


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