New house!

 The boys were surprisingly helpful during our move to the new house. They helped with packing and unpacking (their things only), and were even kind enough to break one of our moving boxes.

 The boys LOVE the new house! Monkey has been praying for a house with trees for a long time, so this place is an answered prayer for him. Plus, backyard with a fence and classroom!

 We've been pretty much spending all of our time outside, including school (which was only put on
 hold for a couple weeks while I unpacked).

 Gorsh how big Little Bear is getting!

We decided to do a container garden this year, everything is growing great! I don't have a recent picture, but as of today we have several veg starting to grow and everything is double the picture below!

This yard is huge, nearly an acre compared to the .12 we started out on! I feel like I'm cleaning less too because everything has a place to go instead of trying to fit things wherever we can. I'm enjoying this place so much, even if my laundry room is outside in the carport (at least we have a laundry room and carport, two things we've been wanting in our next house!).

I'm diggin the boys having a room seperate from the classroom. Instead of toys stored all over the house, they are all in their bedroom! For the first month they would play in there all of the time, but that quickly changed and I can count at least five toys in the living room that they need to put up.

Fenced in backyard with a gate! Ahhhh, privacy. Our back yard is so secluded I can breast fed without being paranoid, which is great because the kids get to stay outside longer instead of having to go inside the house with me every time I need to feed the baby.

Like Froggy's tats? The boys snuck out of their room and Monkey drew on both himself and Froggy with a green permanent marker. Nice.


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