Febarch Marchuary

 Boy having three kiddos is busy, busy, busy! We've been up to a lot since Little Bear was born. We unschooled until the end of February where we slowly eased back into a routine(ish).

 Monkey likes to play with the camera taking pictures, that crazy pose was when he figured out how to set a timer for pictures. I swear kids nowadays figure things out faster than their parents!
  Upgraded our car with robot family stickers featuring all five of us!
 LOTS of bike rides! Monkey loves the tagalong Hubbie got, and look how chill Froggy is! I've pulled Froggy on bike rides, it definitely takes extra effort! Hat's off to my amazing Hubbie for pulling the two oldest!

Annual kite flying day at the park and polo.

Oh yeah, and classroom time, we had that too!

It was so nice to get back into school time, Monkey really missed it. I'll admit I did too, just because the curriculum we use is so wonderful! I've been really impressed with how much he's learned with it and bought the Weaver Volume 1 used for $45. I've been flipping through it and already pinning unit studies for our next school year, although I'll be sad to leave the in depth study of the days of creation, I'm looking forward to going through the rest of Genesis next school year.


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