With sickness abound, we did quite a bit of unschooling before we went to Missouri to visit my hubbie's family for Christmas. I love unschooling, it's so stress free and natural, but Monkey does love having classroom time and did miss it during this period.

 We did a lot of baking, making muffins and a couple different kinds of cookies. Monkey loves helping out in the kitchen, I suspect it's because he gets to taste things.

Hubbie and Monkey played with the Star Wars angry birds a lot, using our wooden blocks to set up different scenarios and slinging the "good guys" with a makeshift slingshot.
 For family movie night, we got Pirates Band of Misfits and the boys were pretending to be pirates all of the time so hubbie constructed a pirate ship for them. Monkey and Froggy had to decorate it with tons of stickers and played in it all of the time. I was surprised how long it lasted before they finally broke it, it took about three weeks of intense play.

 I brought out our Christmas themed sensory bin for the boys to explore, I think this one is one of my favorites that we have so far. Froggy really got into it.

The boys "helped" decorate our Christmas tree, which turned into a playhouse for them.

We didn't get the chance to make all of the ornaments we were going to make, but there's always next year. Monkey kept wanting to make a star of David to go on top of the tree [green with yellow dots], but there just wasn't the time with sickness and getting ready for our trip.

We used Hubbard's Cupboard for our Christmas readings and activities and will definitely do it again next year along with Truth in Tinsel. One day, this tree will be full to bursting with homemade ornaments to go along with the story of Jesus's birth and life!

We're still unschooling now since I'm close to giving birth to our newest addition and because the classroom became temporary storage for bikes and boxes for Christmas lights. I am hoping to try to ease into some school with our main curriculum soon since we're about to learn about Day 4 of creation when, as Monkey says it "God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit made the sun, moon, stars and planets".


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