School in November was all in full swing, until we all got a two week long cold. We still managed to have classroom time for the most part and had lots of fun with our Thanksgiving workboxes.

 I can not believe Monkey can still fit in this swing! We weren't able to go to the park as often as usual since we were feeling crummy, so this swing got a workout with both boys.

 The boys had fun painting everything for our continent map. We used Montessori colors for the continents and I began teaching him the Montessori continent song.

 There was about a week where we just went with the flow and didn't have any classroom time at all.

 The boys got along so well during this time, and I was so grateful because I wouldn't have been able to cope otherwise.
 When we did have classroom time, we did our short Weaver lessons and then just played with our themed workboxes and read lots of books.

We had a week break between sickness before hubbie got a nasty flu that turned into bronchitis in December. Thankfully the rest of us just got another cold, much better than all of us having the flu.

Looking back, I don't know how I managed to do it all and not lose my mind.


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