It was a white Christmas

 My hubbie works for a college and has time off in December. We normally stay home but last year we felt the need to make a trip up there to spend time with the boy's great Grandma who hasn't been doing well. The weather forecast kept changing and we were unsure of whether or not we would be able to make the drive up there, in fact there was a white out a few days before we left, but God held back the bad weather until the day we left.
The boys did so well traveling this time versus the previous summer trip. It also helped that we stayed at a hotel halfway on the way up and on the way back, apparently seven hours is the max Froggy can handle in a car before he begins to loose his mind.

Froggy was working on pushing his two year molars through during our time up there, so he was a whole lot of a mess, but we all enjoyed ourselves regardless. Or maybe I should say we survived somewhat gracefully.

Froggy had his first taste of Kansas City BBQ, I think he enjoys it as much as we do.
Hubbie's mom cuts our boy's hair for us and normally only gets to do it once per year, Monkey got two hair cuts last year and Froggy got his first ever hair cut, well sort of, he kinda started flipping all over the place and she had to stop before she was done. It broke my heart to see those curls gone, but boy do they look handsome!

 It took Froggy a long time to get used to the snow. He hated it at first and towards the end really enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as Monkey who could have just spend all day out in it if we let him.

About an hour after we left to start heading home, a blizzard struck. Seems we left just in the nick of time since hubbie had to return to work the following Wednesday.


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