Camping, well, sort of

My hubbie decided to practice constructing lean-to shelters for an upcoming camping trip last November. In the house. I honestly don't know what he was thinking doing this while the boys were still awake, because they kept getting in the way and tearing it down. But, they had a blast, that's what really matters, right?
When the sleeping bags came in, of course we had to try them out right away.
Finally hubbie got the more brilliant idea of setting up camp outside. We cooked hot dogs over our brick fire pit and spent several nights outside by the fire watching the boys run around like mad men before bedtime. I didn't get any pictures, but the boys all camped out in our tent in the backyard a couple of times too.

And we left our tent up during the daytime too to play in. Our neighbors probably think we're nuts, but who cares, it made our kids happy and we're building great memories with the boys.


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