Tweed ride

Sunday we went on our first tweed ride, something I've been wanting to do ever since I started cycling. The ride was the first one in our area and was sponsored by Houndstooth Road, a bike shop that hosts a unique array of bicycles.

I was a bit nervous, seeing as I'm almost in my third trimester and haven't gone on a ride in five months. Fortunately, it was a nice ride with only a few hills that killed my legs.

I've never had the pleasure of going on a group ride before, and let me tell you, being among that many fellow bike enthusiasts was exhilarating! The weather was perfect for the ride, much cooler than the projected forecast, which made for a lovely autumn ride.

We made two stops during the ride. The first was to Kavarna Coffee, which had some great local coffee from Dancing Goats that was complimentary to riders. This sweet picture of us was taken by local fashion photographer of Atlanta Street Fashion, he referred to it as our "shot gun wedding" picture.

Our second stop was at this great pub called the Marlay House that was giving away free Irish coffees (I just got a regular coffee, obviously) or Lazy Magnolia pale ale. Hubbie and I relaxed with our friends in between sneaking inside the pub to get updates on the football game today.

We ate dinner at the Farm Burger next door where they serve quality burgers from grass fed cattle. I had to get the lamb burger though, I mean, how often do you see that on a menu?

 Hubbie was able to snap a photo of this adorable couple from the ride, they were seriously just perfectly dressed for the ride!

The ride seemed to end too quickly. Even though my legs are sore, I'm already trying to think of different themed rides we can start with our own community. Although I must admit, riding in the city was much nicer than around here, people in cars were much more cautious and courteous toward all of us. Plus there were actual wide bike lanes, why can't we have those around here?

Did you notice little Eli in my belly and how, at the end of the day, he positioned himself super low and lateral in my belly? I think he enjoyed the ride as much as I did!

Also didn't take very many pictures  of sights and food because Hubbie and I were a bit preoccupied being in each other's company!


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