Last week

This past week Froggy played more than anything, which is perfectly fine with me. 

He enjoyed playing with the clothespins from his color matching basket. I love how he put them on the basket, he would play with the clothes pin, opening and closing, and then turn it around to secure it onto the basket.

He played with our dress up bear, I think zipping is his current favorite, but he also enjoys attempting to button.

 I gave him a coloring sheet for our poem this week and he decided he wanted to glue crepe paper on instead. He also did Monkey's Joseph craft.

I didn't take very many pictures last week because I did so much one on one school time with Monkey, taking pictures would have been a distraction. 

I love how the boys have to inspect each other's daily boards, Monkey loves Froggy's day of creation wheels that I make almost as much as Froggy does.

I made a fun phonics game from our Happy Phonics program. I took two egg cartons, put alphabet stickers inside and a flat marble. Monkey has to shake it up and tell me the phoneme of wherever the marble lands.

Our Interlock unit last week started day 3 of creation and we discussed rocks and gems. I don't have any gems, so I just showed him some of my jewelry. For the rocks, we used rocks from Monkey's own rock collection and sorted them by size, smooth/rough, and heavy/light and discussed how rocks were made. 

We also had lots of fun songs and finger plays and what-if scenarios from the unit last week. My favorite what-if scenario was on Monday when I asked Monkey what would have happened if God never made dry land, where would we live? He kept insisting we would live on a pirate ship in the ocean, even though he couldn't tell me how he built the boat without trees. He had me laughing so much that I couldn't even say anything back!

 The boys had fun with a fine motor control snack of stringing fruit loops onto pipe cleaners. We played with our homemade playdough that I made last November, making land formations with our Montessori cards, practicing handwriting, and just having fun.
Halloween 2011

Last year, we did a lot more for Halloween with the boys. We went downtown and trick or treated around all of the businesses, trick or treated around the shopping center where I worked at a restaurant, and trick or treated door to door and attended a s'mores roast.

I missed out on the s'mores roast and door to door trick or treating last year with the boys (their first time) due to having to waitress that night, so I was pumped to go this year! Monkey has been looking forward to Halloween since October first, counting down the days and telling me how he was going to be Green Lantern. 

Halloween 2012
On Halloween day, he actually took a nap! I was so excited- until he woke up cranky. He didn't want to be Green Lantern. He didn't want to dress up. He just wanted to go. We told him he had to come up with some costume if he wanted to go trick or treating and our church's neighborhood s'mores roast. An hour later, both kids came up with their own thing. 

Neither wanted masks or weapons. Froggy was Iron Man (it was cold so he just looked like an aviator with his coat on) and Monkey had his Spider Man pjs on and told me he was a transformer robot that changed into the Avengers. I didn't realize Spidey was an Avenger. Oh, and he had to wear a sweatband, I'm still not sure why.

What was great was the boy's trick or treating. Monkey had been all about saying "trick or treat" until Halloween, he simply said "please" and "thank you". Ha! 

Froggy got worn out after a few houses,so Hubbie went ahead of us and carried him to the s'mores roast. Since I am always honest with my kids, as soon as Monkey asked where brother went, I told him. Well, that was the end of trick or treating, he just wanted to go to his friend's house to play, so we skipped the rest of the houses. The boys ended up with about 8 pieces of candy a piece, I let them devour it that night, figuring it would be easier than having to delegate over candy later.

 Hubbie and I were dressed up as Star Trek characters, I was an engineer and Hubbie was a command officer. I wore five inch heels, not realizing we would be walking almost two miles.
I forgot to take a picture of my makeup until we got home that night, so it looked rough. But I never wear makeup outside of mascara so I had to document it. I had such a great night, it made me bummed that I missed it last year.

And now a new school week has begun, I will definitely try to take more pictures this week. Our Interlock focus is on how God made soil, the nerd in me is super excited!


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