Tot school week two

I'm trying to get caught up with posts after our computer went kaput on us a couple weeks ago. I have a lot of posts that will be going up this week to make up for all of the lost time to show you what we have been up to!

Froggy enjoyed his second week of tot school. We are using a modified version of the two year curriculum from ABCJesuslovesme. I'm wishing I had known about this curriculum when Monkey was younger, he would have really loved it!

Mostly everything from week two.

Froggy really enjoyed stick the cotton balls onto the paper, I think he could have filled up the entire sky with clouds, but we ran out of cotton balls. He loves the day of creation wheels I've been making for him, he'll sit down for a long time quietly spinning the wheel and telling me what's on there. I usually use the time when he is looking at the wheel to read him the current week's day of creation story.

For letter Bb, I gave him a blue dot marker that I didn't realize was out of ink, oops! Guess it's time to buy some more. My back up planned worked beautifully, I gave him a bunch of blue stickers and he had fun sticking them on the letters and his feet.

We focused on the number 2, which he already knew from kindermusik. His art project was finger painting a heart blue. Also shown are two of his favorite activities, the Melissa and Doug stacking sorter and the clothes peg ice cube activity I made him. 

I left the circle up from our first week and added the heart shape, he enjoyed telling me what they were and matching them up to all of the shapes until he found the correct places.

This peg puzzle was one of his tot trays for the week. He hardly ever actually put the whole puzzle together, he had more fun removing all of the pieces, trying to fit them in, then taking them back out again before finishing. Most of the time, he wanted me to put it together so he could take them all back out.

I left this tot tray out for him again on week two, but he didn't even touch it.

I made a sensory bin filled with items that were blue, here are some of the special items that were included.

Froggy loves playing with sensory bins, it consumes most of his school room play time. He took a long time sorting the pom poms and flat marbles.

I didn't get any pictures of the many, many times daily Froggy got into our instrument basket. I usually give the boys at least an hour daily of music time, but Froggy will still go back to it multiple times throughout the day to make music around the house!


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