New stuff in the classroom and recap

 Our new time center. I write our schedule for the day on the dry erase sheet (from the Dollar Tree) each day and when we start a new activity, I write the time and draw the hands on the clock, then Monkey makes his clock to match the time.

I've changed our responsibility chart to a character chart. Before bed time, we go through all of the catagories and he gets to add a magnet to that category for the day if he did it. Each category is color coded and has matching prize sticks, so at the end of the week if he has a full category, he can choose one of the sticks from that category and choose his prizes. Easier categories have simple prizes like a new sticker sheet, harder categories have big prizes like drive in movie night.

A simple addition and subtraction game I made for Monkey. I wrote the math problem on the board, then he put that many soldiers down and used his abacus to give me the answer. He loves addition, loathes subtraction.

I made this game for sight word practice. I wrote down all of our names, words for 1-20, and all of the sight words we've been reviewing (he already learned two lists, but we are going back and reviewing). This is simply an oatmeal container filled with a couple cups of oatmeal, he digs around for a word and if he can tell me the word, he gets to keep it.

I love our education cube, we use it for so many different things. This game was just a simple phonics review, he would throw the ball and tell me the letter name and phonetic sound.

We had to make a rain stick for kindermusik one week, here is everything we used.

I love the way he painted it, it reminds me of a storm.

One of our Stick Figure through the Bible lessons. We are using the book to review the days of creation that we have covered in our Interlock curriculum and to review our current story from the Jesus Storybook bible curriculum that they are using at our church. I love how he had to add a sun and boat on his side. I told him people weren't made until day six and he told me his boat needed people, ha!

For snack time one day, I made this simple even/odd activity. The cranberries were the odd numbers and the white chocolate chips were the even numbers. I got this idea from Early Learning at Home.

We finished up our Interlock unit on day two of creation. I love how in depth this curriculum is! One activity we did was blowing polyfil clouds around by pretending to be the wind.

Shaving cream clouds in a cup. 

Our FIAR book for this unit was Storm in the Night. I didn't care for the book and ended up only reading it once so far. We are finishing up this week with that book and activities for our go along books, Thundercake, Little Cloud, and It Looked Like Spilt Milk.

I made this game for Monkey and he was crazy about it! All I did was print out these fish (I can't find where I got them from) and cut out the lowercase letters. I added paper clips to the lowercase letters, gave him a magnet and let him go fishing to bring back the baby fish to their mommies and daddies. When he caught a fish, he had to match it up and tell me the phonetic sound.

 And now for a new school week! Monkey is starting his Interlock unit on day 3 of creation, Froggy is on day 4 of creation from ABCJesuslovesme.


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