First week of tot school

Froggy is really enjoying his tot school time. Every day he has various "work" to do around the room and I let him just choose to do what he wants when he wants and we come together for his daily board time. I am using the ABCJesuslovesme 2 year curriculum. We are only focusing on one letter and day of creation per week, I thought focusing on so many letters so early was a bit much for him and I wanted to have the time to do different activities for each day of creation so I'm spreading them out.

 I sometimes will give him his own version of what Monkey is doing to occupy him so I can focus on Monkey. I've been doing this before tot school so he's used to having his own thing to work on.

 He has been enjoying our daily board time. I'm making paper plate wheels to go with each day of creation, he loved the first one and had to do it again and again saying "dah" and "nigh".

 I didn't get a picture of our letter A bag this week, but it was a collection of objects starting with A and word cards to match them to. He enjoyed the sand paper letters too, but not as much as exploring the letter bag.

I decided to let him do do-a-dot pages for each letter we do. He started off making dots on the circles before the marker slid on him and he realized he could use it to scribble. I think it's funny that he still managed to somewhat stay within the letters.

I put together a quick red themed sensory bin that both boys played with for a long time.

 I showed him one to one correspondence with the pom poms and bottle caps, then let him play. His favorite thing to do was to take the sparkly red pom pom and push it through the toilet paper roll.

 This was his Llama Llama Red Pajama art project. I gave him a red marker, red bingo marker, red twist crayon, red crayon, red colored pencil, red stickers, and red glitter.

 The boys listen to kindermusik CDs once per day. Sometimes we listen to multiple CDs, on one day we ended up listening, dancing, playing instruments to three kindermusik CDs.

 Froggy is really getting into his kindermusik class. He still tags along with Monkey to his class, but I've noticed a difference with him going to an age appropriate class.

 We walked around the house to collect things that were red. At one point he got so excited that he was just putting anything he could find into the basket!

 This is everything from week one. He used a paintbrush to paint the day one art project of God separating the darkness, finger painted the circle in circular motions, dot painted the letter Aa, put the red paint brushes in the bag, put the circle on it's spot on the shape outline poster, counted one apple each day, made the red shirt collage, read the Curious George pat-a-cake book, read day one from the Great Bible Stories In The Beginning book, collected red things, finger traced letter A.

 The best part? These two sillies get to have school time together.

Even though they don't always get along, they love being together and are able to build a strong brotherly bond.


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