School room and work center updates

I'm slowly but steadily getting out classroom and school areas around the house the way I want them to look (as in not a huge heaping mess). Here are a few changes I have recently made that make our lives easier.

Finally took off the misplaced Ll, it will be moved to the extension to this board below.

Our September calendar board. We now use a weather graph instead of month with stickers. We have new sticks for our days of the week. I also included a books of the bible song.

This pouch holds fact cards for every day of September. We are using weather calendar cards since we'll be studying weather.
Our daily board for this week. Our songs are "Jesus loves the little children" and "Every move I make". There's a poem about doing good deeds and the ten commandments. Our letter X cards are in the baseball card holders. In the pocket chart we have our sight word and sight word reader and our letter X memory verse.

Our new puzzle storage, still a work in progress, but getting better
The kid's games and the storage drawers that hold table work (math, alphabet builders, and handwriting)

Our new art center, nice and organized now. All it took was a four drawer storage cart that was on sale at Target! Off to the side of the cart is a large foam board we use to contain messes when we paint indoors.

Painting supplies in the bottom drawer, coloring supplies in the drawer above that.

Dry erase crayons, glue (including black glue for making stained glass art), stickers, cutting strips, scissors, hole punch. Above that, construction paper and coloring books. On top of the storage cart are the large coloring books, art pad, and art case.
There is still a lot that needs to be done in the classroom itself, but that will have to wait until the boxes in there are moved for the consignment sale this week and we get more shelving put up. Hopefully by the time Little M is born the classroom will be finished!


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