Getting ready for tot school!

I finally have Froggy's school stuff ready for our first trial week. So, I'm posting this before I finish my DIY tot school materials post. Just a little bit excited and wanted to share what I finally decided we'll be doing.

We're using ABCJesuslovesme for tot school time and I'm really excited to start. He is still going to sit in when we do calendar time and [if he wants to] Monkey's daily board, but now he has his own weekly board to cover some simple fun learning activities.

Froggy's tot school board is our old art board for when we did large art projects, that's why it's so colorful. I decided to just use it instead of buying a new one, it's going to be covered most of the time anyway so what it looks like isn't a big deal. Although, the more I look at it, I'm more than likely going to work on painting it at some point.

For the shape section, each week we will focus on one of the eight shapes. Froggy will be able to match up on the board where our weekly shape fits. He'll also have a finger painting activity for each shape. On review week, we'll have the review shapes out to match up and other shape activities to play with.

  We're going to focus on one number each week. We're going to review the word, the symbol, and count how many apples are in our apple tree for the week. On review week, we'll play games with all of the number cards.
Our art project for the week will be filling this shirt with red. He will have a red crayon, red marker, red bingo dot marker, and red things to paste onto the shirt for the book "Llama llama red pajama".

 Took me awhile, but I finally decided on letting Froggy do a dot sheet for each letter. He's already picked up a few letters from our calendar/daily board time that we all do together. He'll be able to use dot markers or stickers. I'm also going to be pulling out Monkey's old alphabet activities each week.

We're going to do a craft or art activity for each bible lesson. This week is day one of creation, so he's going to use a paintbrush to paint on black paint for the separation of light and dark. I'm going to turn our days of creation into a book when we're done.

For our weekly color, I have paintbrushes for him to put into the paint pot. All of our art activities for the week will be in our week's color. In retrospect, I realize I could have hot glued a baby food jar onto the board for our paint pot, but oh well, I've already printed out all of the paint jars. We also have Montessori activities to help reinforce the color.

We have a lot of nursery rhyme and poetry books, and for this week our poem is pat-a-cake. We have this GREAT Curious George book with a puppet that the kids love.

And that's it! I'm excited about him having his own special time and more activities to do, since he always wants to do something when Monkey is having school time and is becoming more and more inquisitive each day. It's a lot earlier than I had planned, but I'm used to things never going as I plan. Which is the real reason I don't sit down and plan things obsessively. That, and I'm terrible at following plans.

The next post will be an update on our week!


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