Getting back in the swing of things

School time has been getting progressively better, especially this week. Attitudes are better all around (me included!) and things are starting to run smoothly. Today I decided to document our day with a few pictures. Mainly for proof that today actually worked.

Heart and teddy bear shaped buckwheat pancakes with vanilla soy milk pudding made from scratch.

My breakfast: vanilla soy milk pudding with carrot cake buckwheat pancakes.
Impromptu bath time (the pudding was messy!). We read the book and at the end I gave them their own blue ice "boats" in the bath water.

Letter Ee tic tac toe. I made it in word with clip art. Fancy, I know.

Letter x xylophone game from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We used playing cards instead of a die. He had to draw one card at a time, count the shapes, then find the corresponding xylophone bar.

Color by number sight word from 1+1+1=1. Monkey hardly ever uses markers, I was impressed that he actually colored the entire word instead of just the number like he usually does. He chose a wonderful scribble technique today, very artsy.
Our current BFIAR book is ABC Bunny. We scanned through the Usborne First Pets book about rabbits, then read ABC Bunny today, reviewing new words like gale and hail.

We reviewed letters E and X on Starfall and ABCMouse.

We listened to our songs for the week:

Every Move I Make I Make in You

Jesus Loves the Little Children

We also listened to the letter X song, Monkey enjoyed saying the phonetic sound (which he was previously saying /k/ instead of /ks/) and dancing around.

The last song we listened to was the ABC Bunny song.

Froggy has been doing great with entertaining himself after we have calendar time. Here are a few of the things he did today.

He currently gets to choose what he wants to do from tot activities I leave out for him. He enjoyed the peg board today.

Another activity Froggy chose today was the key and shape sorter toy.

Monkey took a break before we had reading time and made a birthday cake with the peg board.

Then Monkey showed Froggy how to use the Montessori sound blocks.

Froggy made his own picture while Monkey worked on coloring his sight word.

All in all it was a really nice school day!


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