How we do it: Friday

Thursday was my last day of documenting hour by hour, from now on I will just give highlights of our days. I enjoyed writing about our crazy week, but it took a long time to put each post together.

Fridays are relaxed days, Hubbie is home Friday through Sunday, so our weekend starts on Friday. Homeschool is whatever Monkey wants it to be, we normally just have a picnic, go on a bike ride to the park, and enjoy nature.
 The boys started off the day playing pirates, Here's Froggy in his pirate ship.

Monkey and Hubbie singing our song for the week, "this little light of mine".
Froggy went outside with the microphone singing his own song.

Froggy enjoyed the swing Hubbie installed on the porch.
We had calendar time, used our daily board, then rode our bikes to the park and spent the rest of the day there.

What can your child learn at the park?

  • Grace and courtesy
  • Counting plants, rocks, sticks, etc
  • You can use sticks and stones to make letters
  • Patterning 
  • Writing in the sand/dirt
  • Study nature
  • Observe the clouds, make up different stories with the cloud's shapes
 There are so many great ways to learn outdoors!  Not to mention all of the great exercise and gross motor skills.
The most important thing about it though is to play with your child.  Go down the slide together, get down and dirty in the sandbox, swing together on the swings. Your child is only a child for a short time.


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