Classroom pictures

Classroom tour!
The messy view from the doorway.
Behind the door is the classroom dry erase schedule where you can write the time, activity, and draw the hands on the clock. I got this for $1 from the Dollar Tree. The Dinosaur posters were a two pack for $1 from the Dollar Tree.

White basket has Froggy's puzzles, brown basket has Monkey's puzzles. Monkey's puzzles are mostly wooden puzzles, so I put the pieces in see through tupperware containers so they don't go missing. You can also see the stuffed animal bin to the left.

Workbox drawers.

On the top are pattern blocks with different activities, like making animals or patterning. There is a basket of geometric solids for him to match up to cards. The placemats are for when he works with these or other small materials, he has to roll the mat out, place the materials on top and they must all stay on the mat. It helps keep him from making a mess.

This is the math drawer, it contains math games.
A math puzzle

Phonics drawer contains phonics books (bob books-borrowed, clifford set $3 from Goodwill, Hooked on phonics set $8 from Goodwill), word whammer (I found it for $2 from Salvation Army),sandpaper letters

The sight word sheets are now in his Daily Notebook. Sand paper letters.

Fine motor/music drawer. Peg board and kindermusik materials.

This is the kindermusik playset, you can use the materials for songs or just imaginative play.
The activity book has stories, songs, and crafts

Our word wall.

Nature shelf

Montessori shelves

Froggy's school area. He doesn't exactly like it yet, even though he prefers to do things by himself. Monkey likes to climb inside and explore the baby baskets.

I'm currently working on cataloging and organizing our bookcases. It's a hot mess. I get books from Usborne, thrift stores, or family.

Nature posters were free.

The white basket contains Baby Einstein Season cards for spring. I found every Baby Einstein card set at the Goodwill for $1.91 a piece! The red basket contains our artist, a popsicle puzzle of one of his paintings, and laminated paintings to view. I'm thinking about getting some miniature easels to display the artwork on. The natural basket has our composer and a picture of the instrument he played. We listen to his music while doing art or quiet work.
Math drawer contains counting sticks, workbooks, and puzzle blocks.

On the left is a number sticker book, on the right is a shape and colors workbook. We use the pages to play games instead of traditional sit down work.
The puzzle blocks. I got these for $1.91 at Goodwill, it's only missing one piece!

Writing drawer contains a dry erase maze book I got on sale for $2 and our Crayola dry erase center I pickled up for $1 from Salvation Army. His tracing and handwriting practice sheets are inside the board.

Alphabet drawer contains magnet sheets and alphabet bag (we used to do alphabet baskets, but the zip lock bags are better with a baby around).
Object to word association with our alphabet bag.
Pom pom magnets and magnet sheets in heavy duty sheet protectors. Monkey can also use reusable stickers, a water dropper, cheerios, beads, etc

Reading drawer (in lieu of a reading basket)
All of the book options. Of course, he can choose any books during free reading time, but these are for classroom time.

Bible reading drawer.

Abeka science for 1st grade (free), Wonderful You! (Salvation Army $0.25), Jesus Wants All of Me (borrowed), Jesus Storybook bible, The Story of the Ten Commandments (thrift store $0.50),  My First Read and Learn Bible (gift),The Young Learner's Bible (gift), and our stick figuring through the bible Old Testament Overview lvl 1-2.

The dark blue drawers have some of my craft supplies, the bottom drawer has calendar supplies.

New addition to the calendar board, a weather calendar.

Our calendar board, I will have a separate post later for how we do Calendar time and use our daily board.

Monkey's money back and some action figures.

The daily board stays here until we use it.
I've run out of storage on the book shelf and am tired of putting everything into storage when we use it. We are planning on moving my fabric drawers and putting shelving up on that wall and hanging the calendar board up on the wall.
Educational books. It will look better someday. Can you tell we love to read? You know what is great about owning books? Not having to go to the library on the other side of town all of the time!

Our sensory bin and tray goes here. Just pretend my hubbie's road bike is hung up instead of in front of my sewing table,mmkay?

Our daily board.

The classroom closet. I made a curtain because I didn't like the louver doors.

Games (all found for $1 or less at a thrift store)

Games and paper

Workbox items and sensory bins.

Workboxes and sensory bins.


Workbox items and sensory bin fillers in ziplock baggies.

Our music bin, we also have a bongo drum. Most of the instruments came from a thrift store, the rest are from kindermusik.

Monkey's beanbag, one of his favorite areas to sit for classroom time. The beanbag was $7 on sale.

And there you have, a tour of our classroom!


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