Baking day

Today was baking day! We had a lot of fun today and virtually no problems! Maybe I should have documented this week instead of last week.

We discussed the way all of the different ingredients smelled and felt.

Helping me make chocolate banana pancake muffins.

Don't freak out, it was an egg-less recipe.

Helping me make whole grain pizza dough.

Calendar time, Monkey was asking me where all the numbers went.

Our daily board for the week.

Tracing uppercase and lowercase t while saying the phonetic sound, making a t in sign language.

Froggy kept rearranging our sight word story cards.

I didn't get any pictures, but we read Jesus Wants All of Me, Jesus Storybook bible, The Story of the Ten Commandments. Monkey surprised me by not wanting to read any more than that. Normally, he wants to read an armful of books. I think he was just more interested in baking today.

Making pizza sauce.

He was excited over the pizza dough rising!

Sorting pegs by color.

Trying to use the pegboard as a geoboard. Fail.

Making pizzas!

We went to our favorite park this evening.

Froggy had to take Hubbie's water bottle everywhere.

I love the giant sand box pit at this park!

Picnic at the park!

Playing in the tunnel.

And running on top of the tunnel.

Running through the tunnel.

Chasing each other through the tunnel.

Monkey took care of watering our plants when we got home.


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