How we do it: Tuesday

Bad morning. Bad, bad, bad.

7AM- the kids were up and at 'em.

8AM- they made a most glorious mess and fought.

9:30AM- they got their breakfast alllll over the house. Monkey went to time out, Froggy went to Hubbie. I cleaned up the mess (normally Monkey has to clean up his own messes, but I was cranky and didn't want to start yelling, so I just did it myself), started a load of laundry, hung up the clothing from the night before, washed dishes. Monkey was in and out of time out and got a spanking for disobeying Hubbie and me. I know that probably doesn't sound bad, but that's just because I'm summarizing, trust me, it was a nightmare of a morning.

10AM- I let Monkey get out of time out and make him a new breakfast.

11AM- Monkey is done with breakfast and playing quietly, Froggy is sleeping.

11:25AM- I'm getting a few more materials together for Monkey to choose from, I found some fun resources from ABCJesuslovesme. I plan on using this site once we get My Father's World kindergarten, there are tons of great resources here and a great book list for each age group.

11:30AM- Monkey is reenacting Noah's Ark. I wish my camera was working so I could record it!

11:56AM- Froggy is awake, he's still exhausted. I don't know what to do to get these kids back at their normal sleep routine, we've tried so many things and nothing is working. Are we going through a month long growth spurt?

12:30PM- Monkey asks me to read Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Honey Bees to him. We read the story, acting out different parts, and discuss parts of the story afterwards.

12:41PM- Monkey returns to playing with Froggy.

12:50PM- Lunch time! Azzy wanted to do his angry pose for the picture.

1PM- Made a 5 T's of bedtime poster for Azzy.

1:20PM- Froggy and Monkey have a screaming contest. I joined in for a bit too!

1:35PM- I finally sit down to my own lunch.

1:50PM- The boys run around playing with a giant ball around the house. Gross motor skills for the win!

2:05PM- Monkey worked on saying "I love you" in ASL and is finishing up the carrots from his lunch. The boy doesn't know how to sit still while eating, so it takes him forever to finish.

2:16PM- Music time for Monkey, he's exploring his instrument box and singing. Froggy is exploring some of our Montessori activities from the Montessori shelf.

2:37PM- Monkey has declared a battle with Froggy, they are currently sharpening their weapons for the fight.

2:50PM- Monkey is ready for school. We did Calendar time, our Daily board, Rasing Rock Stars Preschool and Kindergarten activities, and You can Read!

3:57PM- Froggy is ready for a nap. It's always hard when he's wanting to sleep and Monkey is still doing school work. Monkey is intently doodling away right now (he just finished the RRSK listen and color activity and now I'm letting him doodle robots and monsters out of the shapes). I'm hoping that by the time he's done doodling that Froggy will be done nursing and hopefully asleep and I can finish up with Monkey and get him to take a nap with Froggy.

3:59PM- Froggy is asleep already, and I just heard the marker cap get placed back on. Uh oh.

4:02PM- Thankfully, Froggy stayed asleep as I went over to Monkey to take pictures and instruct him on his next activity, tracing a hexagon from our pattern block set. Monkey traced it twice, told me it was a hexagon, and that he would finish it later.  This is perfectly all right, because I'm going to attempt getting him to lay down and have "quiet time" (which usually turns into nap time with him, but if you tell him it's nap time, he'll have a toddler meltdown).

4:05PM- Crap, there's laundry in the dryer that needs to be folded. Guess what I'll be doing tonight. And dishes. See, this is how things tend to go. I can either do housework all day long everyday, or do a little in the morning before and after breakfast and the rest while Hubbie is playing with the kiddos. I opt for the latter, because that means I get to have fun with the kids during the day, and honestly, my Hubbie knows that as soon as something is cleaned up (like right before he goes in to work), that literally a few minutes later tornado Froggy will come through the room and undo it all. I can't wait till he starts cleaning up after himself like Monkey.

4:27PM- I went to check my email because I'm trying to buy a 2nd edition MFWK curriculum, and Monkey came in here. Froggy was already asleep in my lap and Monkey curled up next to me and fell asleep. I'm sure plenty would argue against letting them sleep in my lap and on the couch next to me, but I'm eating this moment up right now. They have plenty of time to sleep in a bed when they're older, I'm far too happy to just relish this moment.

5PM- Hubbie came home to get ready for his weekly cycling group. Froggy woke up. I'm eating a snack and about to conquer some chores!

6:37PM- Showered, worked on some chores, about to do some more. Monkey is still sleeping. I'm going to a "blessings" party that our homeschool group is hosting at 8, so I'm going to try to get everything done, including this post!

I just realized that the photo collage files apparently don't mesh well with blogger since it cuts off the right side of the image. Ah, well, it doesn't matter too much, you get the gist of it, right?


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