Notice anything different?

Yet again, I have restarted this blog. How many different incarnations has this blog had? At first it was a collection of poetry and my daily thoughts, then it became a promo blog for my now deceased etsy store, it then morphed into a random speculation and youtube blog, and now it has become a diy/review/cooking blog. I'm not trying to come across as a fickle person, it is just that my blog needs have changed over the years. This time around, I hope to make it stick, after all it is a collection of things I have always been interested in. We shall see.

So, to start things off, how about an introduction to my youtube channel that I will be using as supplemental material?

Pickled Pandas, my DIY/review/cooking/baking channel. Quite a difference to my highly disorganized personal/haul channel. As you can see [unless you haven't clicked the links], I used to be very active on youtube. I have since stopped posting to my personal channel and instead post videos straight to facebook for the family to see. Pickled Pandas has taken a break ever since my hubbie's work laptop quit working. I still have videos that need to be edited and posted on a backup hard drive somewhere, but the software is on the broken lappy that will hopefully get fixed soon (after a year of sitting in the office, his job finally has the money to get it fixed). Stark contrast between the two channels, not just with quality, since the majority of the videos on my personal channel came from my phone, but the quantity. My personal channel flooded with videos of my kiddos ever since I got an android phone. Somehow I was able to maintain subscribers, they must have just ignored my videos.

I doubt I will be posting very many cooking videos onto Pickled Pandas right now, mainly because I had started using studio lights and a HD camera from my hubbie's job (part of the videos that are on the hard drive waiting to go through final cut pro), and I don't have access to those as often as I would like. Or the time to record such nice videos. I will be starting off by posting reviews of homeschool products and software, and hopefully some simple art projects to do with children. It will be a slow going process, finding time to do anything outside of taking care of the kiddos and house always is.

The reviews should start fairly soon. I'm awaiting to hear back from one website about reviewing their curriculum, and I have quite a few other materials already that need to be reviewed. I don't write reviews as soon as I receive something, I like to use them thoroughly before formulating any sort of opinion. There have been many occasions when something seemed all wonderful when I first received it, then after using it, I have discovered that it didn't really work for us for some reason or another. Keep in mind though, that anything I write will be my own opinion from how things have worked for my children. My children are not your children. All kids have different things that work best for them, so just because something didn't work for us, doesn't mean it won't work for you. I will do my best to fully describe what I'm reviewing, apart from my personal opinion, so you can have a good idea of what it is before I begin the actual pros and cons. I always find it helpful of reviews I read when they conduct their writing that way, so I intend to do the same.

From time to time, I might post what we are doing with our homeschool. I normally post everything directly to facebook because my two homeschool support groups are on there, and our friends and family enjoy seeing what our kids are working on.

I believe that about sums up what you can expect to see from me on here! I'll be writing hopefully, unless things are chaotic around here.

Don't worry, once I start posting, there will be more photos and less blabbering :-)


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